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Our products

Discover all the projects we have created.

Sustainability, self-sufficiency and simplicity are the characteristics of all our works

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Hydroponic cultivation

Thanks to our manual you will be able to know and understand all the aspects related to cultivation without soil.

By purchasing our manual you will have access to a free additional manual containing in- depth resources and our valuable purchasing advice.

Cannabis cultivation

To have a safe, abundant and quality product, the only way to obtain it is through cultivation.

By purchasing our manual you will receive a manual on the hydroponic cultivation of cannabi s and our advice on purchases.

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Aromatic herbs and medicinal plants

This book will introduce you to the world of natural medicine.

The main herbs and plants will be examined  the active ingredients and the most common uses.

Growing mushrooms at home

  The cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms is the easiest, cheapest and most sustainable way to obtain a safe and quality product.

Thanks to our guide, growing mushrooms at home is not only possible, but has also become commonplace.

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Lunar calendar of sowing and work

A biodynamic almanac containing the knowledge handed down from our grandparents to obtain abundant harvests without the use of chemical additives and pesticides. Month by month the list of jobs e  a space to write down the work done.

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