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To reduce the related environmental impact
to the production of our food
we must C change the way to cultivate.


Adapted to our needs

It can be automated , without the need for care , without the need for watering , without the need for fertilization, safe results.


Grow everywhere

Hydroponic cultivation is applicable to any space , indoor and outdoor, horizontal or vertical.

Reduce your water consumption

When irrigating traditional crops 70% of the water is lost by drainage and evaporation.

In hydroponics , unused water is returned to the system

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Economic and eco-sustainable

Higher production per unit area,

better quality of the final product, fewer cultivation waste, lower cost per kg of harvested product.

Increase production

Greater availability of nutrients ,  better root development ,  reduction of diseases, absence of pests, controlled environment:

Productivity increase up to 30%,

Reduction of growth time by 1/3,

Greater certainty of the harvest.


Reducing our environmental impact is no longer a choice,
It is a must.


We have drafted a hydroponic cultivation manual that has received more than 90% of positive comments which we keep updated continuously .

Together with the manual you will have access to exclusive in-depth information  on cultivation andour valuable purchase advice on the products on the market.

Thanks to our experience you can EARN hundreds of euros that you will not spend on the purchase of useless or poor quality material.

Furthermore, by purchasing the book you can always contact us for additional information or advice on purchases or products.

Inside the book you will find all the information to receive these additional services.

By purchasing any Urban Gardening product you will enjoy bargain prices on all future projects.

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