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Because nature already has
everything we need

I'm Giacomo

Passionate farmer,

Agronomist by choice,

Ecologist by necessity,

Blogger  for fun.

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Cultivation is the prelude to the quality of a plant.


The healing power, the scent, the taste of a plant are a direct consequence of the cultivation method.


You can't have a beneficial effect (medicinal or spoiling) if we don't cultivate properly.

Hydroponic cultivation represents the answer of modern agriculture to climate change.

Population growth (the UN estimates 9 billion people in 2030), growth in demand for food, environmental pollution and climate change are just some of the problems that the modern world is called to face.

Hydroponics represents a real long-term eco-sustainable and economic production model capable of solving numerous critical issues and problems that our times are forced to face.

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How do we do it

Our free resources to get you started.

Our books that will introduce you in the best way to these fantastic worlds

Our advice on purchases and products to help you save.

Our constant support for those who buy our products.

Today, I collaborate with experts in the sectors we deal with and use my knowledge and experience with crops to make information accessible to all.

Who we do it for

  • For those approaching the world of cultivation for the first time.

  • For those who want to get results right away.

  • For those who want to put the rhythms of nature, care of the body, mind and the environment at the center of their lives.

  • For those who want to reduce their environmental impact in this dramatic climate situation.

  • For all cultivation enthusiasts who want to improve results.

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